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40001 Hematite in Black HF Crystal Mesh Swarovski


  • Product Code: 40001-HB


CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements Crystal Mesh - 40001

CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements Crystal Mesh. Crystal Mesh is a fluid metal mesh carrier with integrated loose crystals (2.7 mm each). The setting has four holes on the back, 1 on each side. These are hotfix chatons, which can be applied by heat or sewn. You can use them for embellishing or string them as a bead. They are sold in a net with 5 rows of 10 crystals, so 50 crystals in total. The crystals are connected with little rings that you can cut if you want to use them separately. We have pieces with a foil on top that you can easily take off when you are finished sewing (or take off before you sew if you want to use them separately) - please let us know when you want to receive it with the foil.

If you want to use heat:

- Do not remove the plastic foil from the Crystal Mesh
- Put the Crystal Mesh on your fabric
- Put the iron on medium temperature
- Iron 20 seconds on the plastic foil
- Remove the foil, when it has become cold.

This is crystal of the highest quality.

Size: PP21 = 2.7 mm

Sold per 50 pieces (5 rows of 10 pieces each)

If you order more than 50 pieces, and you would like it in one piece, please let us know, because we have some available in longer pieces.

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