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Grab Bag Czech Shaped Glass -50% Purple/Pink


  • Product Code: GBS-PP



A surprise filled with Czech Shaped Glass. You cannot choose the content of the surprise, but we guarantee it's at least DOUBLE your money's worth!

It can contain anything from the following list:

- CzechMates Quadratiles

- Dome Beads

- Pellet Beads

- Kheops par Puca

- Peanut Beads

- Piggy Beads

- Pinch Beads

- Pyramid Bead Studs

- Lentils

- Rizo

- Rulla

- Silky Diamonds

- Tri Beads

- Twin Beads

- Twist Beads


You can only choose the main colour(s) of your surprise and we will do our best to put together a beautiful colour-scheme. 

The content can vary from the picture.


Sold per Grab Bag

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