70 colors of Quality Preciosa Crystal

5 times cheaper than in the shop!

Quick and very easy to learn

Combine whatever you want:

Be creative!

Quality Silver, Gold, Antique Brons & Rose Gold coatings

-- Endless possibilties --

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Connectors make you able to build your project.

Put the connectors in and deform the point inside.

Connectors can be placed at different places onto the cup.





Jumprings make the project whole.

Open de rings by bending to opposit sides.

With the pliers that job is done in seconds.

Clasps make you able to open and close necklaces and bracelets.

They come in exact the same quality coatings as the CupChain.

StartersKit only € 9,95 includes:

-- Quality Plier --

-- 5 Cups 16 mm --

-- 5 Preciosa Crystals --

-- 10 Connectors --

-- 10 Jumprings --

-- 2 Clasps --

Embedding is placing the stones in the cup and bending the prongs.

With a soft-nose plier safely you can push the metal onto the crystal.

With four claws the crystal is firmly fixed in the cup.



Design by Akke Jonkhof   Design Martijn Kok






© Martijn Kok