My Crystal Chain offers brass settings with four High Quality platings: Silver, Gold, Antique Bronze & Rose Gold plating. We offer "almost ready" Earring- and Ring-bases, but also Empty Cup Chain, Connecting Elements and Pendants.

You can design your own jewelry by combining as many settings as you like and personalize your jewelry by choosing your favorite colour crystals in the settings.

With only a set of pliers you can make beautiful jewelry.

The settings are made to fit Swarovski and Preciosa Chatons and Rivoli's.

Check out our Youtube channel for tutorials.

Just 6 easy steps...

We offer High Quality empty Cup Chain in Silver, Gold, Antique Bronze & Rose Gold plating.

It can be combined with 70 colours of Swarovski & Preciosa Crystal, chains and/or beads.

Quick and very easy to learn.

You can make your own design or use one of our tutorials. Be creative!

-- Endless possibilities --

Simply cut the Cup Chain to the desired length.

Connectors enable you to build your project with empty Cup Chain units, no soldering necessary!

Insert the connectors in the empty Cup Chain and pinch the point inside.

Jump Rings enable you to connect the pieces of your project.

Open de rings by bending the ring to opposite sides with two pliers.

Clasps are essential to be able to open and close necklaces and bracelets.

They are available in the same high quality platings as the Cup Chain. There are many beautiful clasps to give your project that special finish.

Embedding means placing the stones in the cup and bending the prongs to close the crystal in the cup.

With a nylon jaw plier you can safely push the metal onto the crystal.

With four claws the crystal is firmly fixed in the cup.

That's it!

Now you can start making your own jewelry. Do you want to make a Bracelet, Necklace, Earring or a Ring?

Check out our Youtube channel with "Introduction to My Crystal Chain"

Or you can use the Crystal Chain in your beadwork.

This is a beautiful design by Akke Jonkhof.

You can find a Kit in your colour by clicking HERE.

What do you need?


The base: Cup Chain


Cup Chain is available in 2 different forms: for necklaces and for bracelets. The difference is the placement of the connectors.

Necklace Cup Chain is designed to fall nicely around your neck. The connectors are placed on the top half of the Cups.

With Bracelet Cup Chain the connectors are placed in the middle of the Cups.

We offer High Quality empty Cup Chain in Silver, Gold, Antique Bronze & Rose Gold plating.


The bling bling: Crystals

The empty Cup Chain SS29 and SS39 is suitable for:

- Preciosa Chaton or Rivoli SS29/SS39.

- Swarovski Elements 1088 or 1122 SS29/SS39.


The empty Cup Chain 12, 14 and 18 mm is suitable for:

- Preciosa Rivoli 12 mm/14 mm/18 mm.

- Swarovski Elements 1122 12 mm/14 mm/18 mm.

The tools: Pliers  

My Crystal Chain offers the perfect plier-set to do the job.

Our set includes 6 Pliers and two tweezers:

A Cutter, a Flat Nose, a Round Nose, a Chain Nose, a Bend Nose and a Nylon Jaw plier.

The cutter you need for cutting the Cup Chain and pinching the connectors.

The flat nose is to place the connectors and open the jump rings.

The nylon jaw (soft nose) plier is to bend the prongs and safely embed the crystals.


All 6 colour-matched pliers feature:

- Double-leaf springs for comfort

- Slip-resistant matte finish grips

- Polished steel heads

- Box joint construction

Size pliers: 13 cm

Sold per 8-piece set in pouch.


Check out our presentation and explanation of the pliers on Youtube: youtube "Introducing the perfect Plier Set for My Crystal Chain"

You can make a beautiful ring in just minutes.

Starters Kit Bracelet only € 9,95 includes:

-- 15 Cups 8 mm --

-- 15 Preciosa Crystal Chatons --

-- 2 Cup Chain Connectors --

-- 2 Jump Rings --

-- 1 Clasp --

-- 1 Extension Chain --






© Martijn Kok