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Cup Chain Connectors Antique Bronze Plated - 8 x


  • Product Code: MS-0645AB


Cup Chain Connectors for Empty Cup Chain all sizes

Connectors enable you to build your project with empty Cup Chain units, no soldering necessary.

Cut the Cup Chain to the desired length and remove the old connectors. Insert the Cup Chain Connector in the hole of the empty Cup Chain and pinch the point inside with a cutter or a flat nose plier. If you use the cutter, be careful not to cut it totally.

You can use a flat nose plier to hold the connector and push it into the hole. After you deform the connector inside the cup, use the plier to check if the connector is well connected. Give it a pull.

The quality thick plating of the cups can sometimes cause the connector hole to be too small, so the connector will not fit. You can make the hole a little bit bigger by using a flat nose plier. Put the side of the tip of the plier into the hole, pinch the plier and bend it carefully downwards. Be careful not to make the hole too big. If the hole is too big, there is a chance the connector will slip through.

Cup Chain Connectors are made of brass, with high quality thick nickel-free plating.

Use Cup Chain Connectors to attach a clasp or chain to the Cup Chain. 


Size: fits all empty Cup Chain sold by DiMarca Online

Sold per 8 pieces

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