FREE TUTORIAL 20 rows - Ukraine Flag 3D Peyote Star (download link per e-mail)

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great star and great support
I met this star picture online at first days of war in my country. at those times, everyone was both frightened and depressed, and we seeked for relief in hand made. I planned to try stars this year anyway, and the situation stimulated me to do that at once. beads were bought from those still avaiable in my location. Idea is great, to support peace, freedom and democracy for hand-maders. To give them stimulus to stay strong. Pattern is easy-to understand even for ones who are doing that for first time. Colours are recommended, but if one has no exactly those in stock - they may be replaced for any blue, yellow and something darker for border. Size of the ready star is good enough not to be lost at home - but to decorate house and to support peaceful people in darker times. Thank you, DiMarca! you did a great job!

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