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Tutorials: Your Choice of Magic Mini Stars 3D Peyote Star + Basic Tutorial


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+ Basic Instructions "Little 3D Peyote Star"


Your choice of the Magic Mini Stars: buy 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or all 10 Magic Mini Stars. The more you buy, the cheaper each star is.


These beading patterns provide a colour diagram and word chart to create the MAGIC MINI Peyote Stars. These stars have 9 rows.

Included are also the step by step instructions with clear 3D images of how to create a 3D Star in peyote with warped squares ("Little 3D Peyote Star").


Please let us know which stars you would like to receive in the comments section when you check-out or by e-mail (info@dimarca-online.com).

You will receive the chosen patterns as PDF files by e-mail - usually within 24 hours - to the e-mail address listed in your order confirmation.


It includes a list of needed materials and colour codes. The star is beaded with Miyuki Delica's. You can also use Toho Treasures (but don't mix them, as there is a slight difference in size).

The beads or finished product are not included, this is the digital pattern to make your own 3D Peyote Star.


Level: intermediate+ (knowledge of peyote necessary)


© All rights are reserved by DiMarca Online. Please do not copy the instructions, or use them for commercial purposes. Feel free tosell the finished product.

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